Our Vision

  • Supply the Arab users, wherever they are, with suitable software.
  • Adopt creativity in producing high quality programs to fulfill the needs of our customers.
  • Supply the user with the best deliberate marketing and technical support.



Our Mission

  • Help our clients to fully utilize their abilities and supply them with efficient and creative solutions.
  • We also do our best to improve our products and develop our company continually to be the best.


Our Values

  • Excellent performance: be best in every action.
  • Workers development : we encourage on-the-job training and train and develop our employees' skills.
  • Team work: we all work together to be successful in achieving our goals.
  • Honesty and truthfulness.
  • Great customer care and after sale service.
  • Respect and open-mindedness.
  • Accepting great challenges.
  • Positive self criticism and self development.

Company History

ADVAC was established in Alexandria in 1982. Since then, ADVACdeveloped its software systems and applied a wide variety of creative techniques and different programming languages to meet the needs of the Arabic and Egyptian users. As a result, ADVAC became one of the most distinguished companies in the field of software industry in the region. With unique product style, great flexibility, and adaptability we enable our clients to adapt the systems without any need for any programming customization which lead to reduced problems and minimized the need for software code change.

The company is member of Communication and Information Technology (CIT) Chamber, eLABs, and Expo Link. The company is a certified service provider for the Industry Modernization Center (IMC), German Aid (GTZ), and USAID.

Recently, the company acquired in the Software Process Improvement (SPI) from SECC.

Company Organization

We always try to have well trained and experienced staff of engineers and technicians whom are qualified, trained, efficient, and able to achieve high quality standards; to ensure our customers satisfaction and provide them with highest after sale services. We continuously focus on improving our staff performance and capabilities to cope with the latest technology updates.

Our team consists of 50 professionals, here are some of the key experts:

Name Job Years of Experience Qualification Specialization
Mus’ad Abdul-Halim El-Der’a President & Chief System Analyst 1977 B.Sc. in Computer Engineering Software and Systems Engineering
Mohamed Shalaby R&D Manager 1986 B.Sc. in Computer Engineering Software and Systems Engineering
Abdul-Salam Khamis Chief Technical Support 1993 B.Sc. in Commerce Financial Consultation

Fields of Experience

We offer complete and integrated solutions in the following specializations:



  • Industrial Organizations Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)
  • Integrated Information Management Systems for Hospitals and Medical Centers (HIMS)
  • Financial and HR Management Systems for the Public Service Sector (specially Water and Electricity Companies)
  • ERP for different types of Commercial and Distribution Companies
  • Accounting Management Systems for Contracting Companies
  • Small Business Accounting Management Systems


Our Clients

We believe that our clients are our partners in success, so we try our best to make our clients satisfied and over the time we gained the trust of more than 2500 clients in the Egyptian and the Arabic markets. To see sample of them please visit this page

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