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ADVAC HIMS is a complete solution for managing hospitals operations. The main concept of the system is how to enable the user to manage and organize the workflow in both administrative and medical aspects in the hospital and enable access to the patient's data and make follow ups during the patent's stay in the hospital or even after checking out.

The system manages the services given to the patients in an efficient and convenient way. It also offers and manages suitable treatment programs for every patient to enhance an automate doctor's work and patient's follow-ups in and accurate and fast way via recording the medical data (complaint, symptoms, medical tests, medical analysis, rays, operations, diagnostics, doctors' orders & follow ups, patient's progress notes, drugs & medications, and medical recommendations).

General Features

  • Bilingual ( Arabic / English )
  • Multi-user (no maximum limit) with per user customizable interactive GUI
  • A strong security module to control system usage and access control
  • Matching latest updates of both International Classification of Diseases ICD10 standard issued by WHO, and MOH standard.
  • Ability to modify system screens and GUI by deleting, adding or hiding screens items and fields to fit users roles and needs.
  • Providing wide variety of reports with ability to create any required new report.
  • Providing an easy-to-use report builder module to enable the system administrator create/edit any report according to the hospitals' requirements without making any changes to the system.
  • Enabling system administrator to associate user roles with any report to make them appear for a specified user group.
  • Providing the system administrator with SQL query tool to issue custom custom queries according to hospital needs, with the ability to export to Excel format.
  • Wide variety of queries to facilitate and speedup work cycle and provide ability to inquire about patients via different methods (like name, ID, phone, etc.. )
  • Flexibility in defining medical operations and surgeries and their related accounting calculations
  • Ability to record the laboratory and radiological investigations.
  • Defining unlimited number of service degrees and calculations according to each hospital facilities and services.
  • Supports MS SQL Server and Oracle

System Modules

System Configuration

  • Defining the basic data
  • Adding hospital logo and all the necessary information
  • Defining live and historic databases paths
  • Defining the medical departments
  • Defining the medical-insurance sponsors and service providers and their pricing systems
  • Defining medical units and wards and bed allocation capacity
  • Defining the medical team (like doctors, nurses, and technicians)
  • companies_data
  • companies_prices
  • employee_data
  • operation_definition
  • services

Patient Module


  • Manages both inpatients and outpatients
  • Handles patient admission
  • Recording patient data
  • Allocate ward, room, and beds to enable the patient hosting
  • Allocate medical services
  • Laboratory services
  • Surgeries
  • Issue drug prescriptions from the hospital pharmacy
  • Recording services in patient medical record
  • Generate beds occupation matrix
  • Patient discharge summary and details

Patient Admittance

  • Recording the patient data in the reception screen.
  • Patient data screen includes all the related data and it also can give the user access to the payments screen
  • The reception screen includes all the patient data, either in-patient or out –patient
  • It puts patients in order of their registeration and all data are archived for future follow up
  • After registering the patient data, the patient is directed to the specified department where all his details  would be found so that he could start having services
  • The screen also has links to other screens of patient affairs, accounts, room reservation, services and reserving a service where the services are registered
  • There is also a summary for the services, the payments and the doctor visits
  • In each of the system screens there are the assisting buttons helping the user to accomplish his work and make some inqueries, printing, navigating though patients records, open new records and delete or edit older records
  • operation_registeration
  • patient_departing_registeration
  • patient_entry
  • patient_movement_between_rooms
  • print_patients_bar_code
  • reception_sections
  • reservation_data
  • wards_follow_up

Financial Module

  • Patient billing
  • Insurance sponsors details
  • Insurance sponsor invoicing
  • Patient billing and collection
  • Financial postings to General Ledger system
  • Cheque / Cash receipts for patients-Patients payments entry
  • Surgery payments- Doctors / Physician accounting
  • It provides queries about the income in a certain period, or about bills, doctors' accountings or patients' payment

Some Billing Attributes

  • The system allows extracting bills during the patient's stay
  • Get the service bill with or without medicine bill
  • Print the bill or just edit or view
  • Bills can be modified according to the situation like adding more expenses or tax or even applying a certain discount
  • This of course needs some privilages to be granted to the current user
  • Print the bill, statement of account, total transaction for the patient or companies
  • The system gives full control over the form and the contents, and all other relevant printing options
  • The bill contents are flexible to enable the user to add any fields necessary before printing
  • bills_query
  • claims_query
  • doctors_dues_extractions
  • main_screen
  • patients_invoices
  • receipts_query
  • register_patient_payment

Physicians Module

  • Employee personal details
  • Doctors and physicians details
  • Attendance, time, and vacation management
  • Loans and advances management
  • Payroll
  • Time schedules
  • Therapy programs
  • docotprs_orders
  • doctors_main_menu
  • doctors_services
  • doctors_tax
  • execute_doctors_orders
  • patients_for_doctors_query
  • staff_data
  • staff_schedule
  • treatment_plan

Medical Records

  • Patient data entry
  • Entering symptoms and various investigations and diagnostics results
  • Doctors orders
  • Patients progress notes
  • Discharge and follow up instructions
  • Discharge medications
  • All of the systems modules and screens complies with both Ministry of Health, and WHO standards ICD10 & ICDH
  • blood_transfer_request
  • examiniation_sheet
  • icd10
  • medical_records
  • pathology
  • rays

Pharmacy Module

  • Item entry
  • Drug and supplies issue to patients and wards
  • Stock availability reports
  • Drug / medical supplies expiry report
  • Purchase orders
  • Pharmacy billing to patients
  • incoming
  • inventory
  • items
  • items_data

Query Jobs

  • Wide variety of patients, physicians, doctors, billing, sponsors query tasks
  • bills_query
  • claims_query
  • doctors_dues_query
  • patients_query
  • receipts_query


  • Wide range of built-in reports covers all of the system cycles
  • Simple and easy to use report builder tool to enable the system administrator to create, modify, and print system reports and charts as needed
  • report1
  • report2
  • report_designer

Security Module

  • Define users
  • Define users groups
  • Define user groups access privileges
  • Grant / deny permissions for fine grained components
  • Full system usage audit log
  • audit_log
  • user_jobs
  • user_privilages

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